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Looking for a couple’s or engagement session? Let Julie help you design a session that suits your tastes.

Engagement on the Square Dec 2014-2786.jpg
222Engagement on the Square-3023.jpg
Engagement on the Square Dec 2014-1972.jpg
Damani & Stephanie Engagement Aug 2016-6185.jpg
Damani & Stephanie Engagement Aug 2016-5936-2.jpg
Samantha + Matthew Engagement Nov 2016-9776.jpg
Samantha + Matthew Engagement Nov 2016-0260.jpg
Ryan + Favi Edited Engagement-5852.jpg
Ryan + Favi Edited Engagement-5421.jpg
Ryan + Favi Edited Engagement-5282.jpg
Samantha + Matthew Engagement Nov 2016-0223.jpg
Ryan + Favi Edited Engagement-5201.jpg